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Exercising your legal right to purchase the Freehold of a leasehold house

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reliable quality

All-inclusive professional services

Legal and Valuation services are required in successfully bringing a Leasehold Enfranchisement claim.

We have saved you the trouble of tracking down the right specialists by presenting a combined team that work in synchronicity.

The services presented include those of both an experienced Solicitor as well as Chartered Surveyor.


Proven and reliable expertise

The subject of Freehold Acquisitions can be quite complex and a risky endeavour for the uninitiated.

The legislation sets out intricate requirements and deadlines carrying consequences which can be severe; these pitfalls  can easily catch out those unaccustomed to dealing with such work.

We are proud to present award-winning Solicitors and Surveyors to represent and guide you in your claim.

Our experts are accredited by the following organisations:-

But you do not have to take our word for it, feel free to read client testimonials.


Transparency of costs

We are proud to present a fixed fee prices for Leasehold Enfranchisement Services that is dependent on the approximate value of the House that is the subject of the claim, the services cover both your Solicitors services as well as your Surveyor's inspection and valuation report*.

Many practitioners will require that you agree to an hourly rate spend with vague information about how many hours this will involve.

*For our presented services, we showcase full transparency for your costs.  Although there are can be rare circumstances, such as a dispute arising between you and your Landlord that can unavoidably lead to extra work involved,  in the vast majority of cases, this will not be relevant. We can also provide you with detailed information as well, for any extra costs to cover those unusual situations.

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Ease of use and  efficiency

Supported by state-of-the-art systems and infrastructure, our experts endeavour to make the experience as painless as possible. Our systems make this as hassle free as possible enabling everything to be done remotely saving you time and effort.

We are approachable and friendly. But we also understand that our clients lead busy lives and so all our processes can be carried out wherever you may be, and unless you want to, you will never need to visit anybody in person throughout the process.

Furthermore, signings of documents can also bed done remotely with ease, and we pride ourselves with being flexible to be able to cater for your own circumstances.

Why buy the Freehold?

  • You can extend your leases to 999 years in length without paying a purchase price

  • You will have control of the development of your building

  • If your Freeholder has the management functions under your lease, you will take over these, and sever yourself from any current management regime which may be costing you money that you do not see the benefit of.

  • Your leasehold property will be more marketable with being able to advertise the sale of the House as a "Freehold".

How is it achieved?

Providing you have owned the leasehold of the house for two years prior to making a claim, then provided you or the building are not disqualified from doing so, you would be able to make a claim.

Providing your building is not excluded from qualification, such a claim cannot be avoided by the current owner of the freehold

Benefits of Purchasing the Freehold House using
the Statutory Process

Immediately put a stop to the lease length falling shorter and thereby increasing the value of the Freehold purchase price.

Gain control of the future of the Freehold House(put a stop to additional developments, or start your own)

Be in control of management of your building and no longer require Landlord approvals such as for the Alterations to your House

Increase the value of your House

Expert Legal and Valuation advice
at your fingertips

You will need a Solicitor and a Chartered Surveyor to assist you in not only achieving the Freehold Purchase, but also making sure you get the best possible outcome.
We are proud to present a one-stop-shop solution

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost?

There are certain categories of costs for Leasehold Enfranchisement under the Leasehold Reform Act 1967:-

The Premium, your Landlord's Legal and Valuation Costs, and Your Own Costs. We explain each as follows:-

  • The Premium - This is the lease extension price that you must pay your Landlord in exchange for the Lease Extension. The law determines how this sum is calculation, using a formula that accounts for how short the leases are within the building, amongst other factors.  This is likely to be the most significant sum compared to the others. You will need a Surveyor to advise you on this to get an estimate that should help you prepare.

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  • The Landlord's Legal and Valuation costs -  The law requires that you must pay the Landlord's costs involved. However under the law these are regulated both on what type of costs that they can be, as well as the quantum of these costs. You will not be able to discover this element before you make your claim, however, you can achieve a rough estimate of the likely costs by referring to your own Legal and Valuation costs.


  • Your own Legal and Valuation costs - these are the services that we present to you. This sum is offered at competitive fixed price which can be quoted upon request. This price is all encompassing for the vast majority of  Enfranchisement claims.   If your matter requires additional work, such as in the unlikely situation that you must apply the First-tier Tribunal, on account of a dispute, then we can provide a breakdown of those optional extras. Please get in touch for more info

Can I sever myself from the current Estate Management Scheme

Many leasehold houses are part of scheme for the surrounding area, which could be a mixture of Houses as well as Buildings with flats. Quite often, there will be service charges that the House must contribute towards for the upkeep of all those shared areas and communal parts. It could be for example that the amount of service charges that you pay represent as percentage of the overall costs of all the other houses and flats, and may include maintenance costs for facilities that you do not actually use.

By purchasing the freehold via enfranchisement, this has the effect of severing yourself from such a scheme. This means that you would then be responsible for the upkeep of your own house including the buildings insurance. The flip-side of no longer paying towards shared community parts also means that you lose entitlement to use such areas. 

If you did you want to continue using certain elements then it is possible to address this within the negotiation stage of the enfranchisement procedure.

What if I want to sell during the process?

It is possible to transfer ("assign") the legal entitlement of your claim process to a purchaser as part of the sale, enabling them to take over the process to completion as the new owner.

When do I need to pay?

In terms of our services, we ask our clients to jointly pay a singular deposit sum which varies depending on the size of the block and the rest of the money will typically be sue  on Completion of the Freehold Purchase transaction.

How long does it take?

An Enfranchisement claim takes approximately six months to complete, but this is highly variable on how negotiations unfold which is different in every case. However the legislation enables you to take action if this stage takes too long, enabling you to require the Tribunal (property court) to step in.

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