Participating with others:

Our panel members are able to offer discounts to the costs of professional services to groups of clients who wish to carry out their claims at the same time.

To qualify for the discounts, the services must be engaged within 3 months of each other and it must declared from the outset by those clients that they are indeed collectively applying.

This discount applies for all Lease Extension services, as well as any other individual legal service type on offer.

But they do not apply to collective claims (such as Enfranchisement or Right to Manage) which standard quotations already account for discounts based on the size of the collective.

Discount table as follows:-

Number of Flats participating
Discounts percentage (applicable to all fees)
Between 2-3 flats

5% discount off typical fee
Between 4-7 flats

10% discount off typical fee
Between 8-11 flats

15% discount off typical fee
Between 12-15 flats
20% discount off typical fee
Between 16-20+ flats
25% discount off typical fee
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